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Tom Khem, Sweet Salted Pork Stew With Hard Boiled Eggs…

Since I first started writing this blog, one of the most requested dishes from my followers (believe it or not, I do have a following!) is Tom Khem, loosely translated as Sweet Salted Pork Stew with Hard Boiled Eggs. I … Continue reading

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Jeo Kapi and Eggplant Tempura…

If I had to choose something easy to cook and tasty to eat, this would be my choice: ແຈ່ວກະປິ (‘Jeo Kapi‘) or Shrimp Paste Dipping Sauce accompanied by steamed vegetables and rice. Such a simple dish yet filled with bitter … Continue reading

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Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango…

April is an important month for the Lao people across the globe. It is a month of celebrations, family gatherings, and community festivals. April marks a period of renewal,  and according to ancient scholars it is a time when the … Continue reading

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